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Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2014
Herren 3. Liga back on track

The men's team won this year's last game against EFES Basket 96 after losing in Grenchen one week ago. The confidence is back and with a record of 6-2 wins we proved to belong to the top teams in the league. To stay on top, everybody has to improve their individual skills. We have become very solid and versatile tactically, but way too often we are not able to finish good plays.

Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014
U16 wins against BC Arlesheim

7. Game - First Leg - Season 2014/2015

The U16 won their last game this year at the Hagenbuch Arena with 85 to 23 and finished the first round on the first place 7-0.
On the beginning of the game we played on the level of Arlesheim. After the first quarter we found to our play and started to play nice basketball. We still had to many turnovers, 17 in the first half. So we said, we make less then 27 TO until the end. Which goal we missed with 13 TO in the second half (travellings and carry the ball). Our defense was good and we had good steals, while standing in the pass line (19 Steals). We dominated also the boards with 44 Rebounds (Off 15 - Def 29). BCA scored only 3 points in the fourth quarter. So when we were focused and toke care of the ball we played very nice (FG% 54.41 and 3ptFG% 33.3). So congratulation to reach the goal 7-0 victories and I'm proud to were a part of it. Those I don't see anymore this year, I wish merry christmas and a happy new year. P.S. throw some free throws during the holidays (FT% 45.45). SH

Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014
U16 wins against BC Bären

6. Game - First Leg - Season 2014/2015

After the weakest game of the season against Liestal last Friday, our U16 team showed their best game of the season. This time we played at home against the second placed team from BC Bären and won 59-39. We played great team Basketball. We shared the ball, we had patience on offense, we fought for each other and played very good defense. They executed the game plan exactly as they were told. In the first half we held the opponents to 10 points, thanks to the great defense. Also our bench players contributed tremendously. They supported the whole team from the beginning to the end. Now we are 6-0 and one more game to go in 2014 @ Arlesheim. Lets go and get that win too. Great job guys. I am proud of you!

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